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I would like to commend your company and the crew for a job well done! I can't believe how fast the job was completed! I will recommend your company to everyone I know. The crew was great and very nice. Our new driveway looks wonderful! Thanks again!

- Sincerely, Carla S.

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Why we recommend Gilsonite (LN-11) or Asphalt based Sealer and not other sealers.

  • Gilsonite is a naturally occurring mineral- environmentally friendly. No potentially harmful coal tar blends are used.
  • Makes your driveway look better than new-especially with repeated applications over time.
  • LN-11 prevents and repairs oxidation on asphalt surface!
  • Regular maintenance extends the life of your pavement!
  • No build up or tracking problems like other sealers.
  • Dries Jet Black, not gray and dull. 
You have probably noticed that new driveways are jetblack when they are laid and over a period of a year or two they  become gray in coloration and loose stones may begin to appear on the surface. This condition is from the oxidation of the asphalt caused by UV rays. LN-11 is a protective coating for the pavement surface. It functions unlike any other pavement coatings. It slows down the oxidation process and helps prevent additional seepage of water. It is a rejuvenator sealcoating. It

penetrates the surface of the pavement up to a depth of ¼ inch and adds asphalt back into the oxidized surface. It also adds asphalt with a harder penetration level than the original pavement to help deter further deterioration. The standard oxidized level of a pavement surface is 1/8 inch; therefore the LN11 helps to bond the deteriorated level of pavement surface to the portion not affected by oxidation. LN11 can be applied every year, unlike coal tars which sometimes have problems with build up and tracking. The L11 sealcoating used by our Virginia company has improved the life span of pavements up to 20 years or more!  

Gilsonite sealer:

-shiny black then dull after one week

  • Soaks in and restores elasticity
  • Better for newer driveways less than 8 years old with no major cracking
  • Spray-applied
  • Use with sealer/sand for cracks, quick joint or hot pour crack sealant
  • Used year round
  • Driveway cannot be wet but it may rain on recently seal coated driveway
  • Does not make driveway smoother (penetrates)
Coal tar emulsion sealer:
  • grayish/blue or black color
  • Lays on top of surface
  • Better for stressed, old, damaged or cracked driveways
  • Spray or brush/squeegee applied
  • Use with cold pour crack sealants as hot pour will tend to bleed through
  • Use only when temperature is 50 degrees or better with no rain in the forecast for 12-24 hours
  • Makes smoother

Other Projects

Sealcoating your Virginia driveway can protect your pavement from sun damage, moisture and chemicals, and greatly enhance the longevity of your pavement. ASAP PAVING has a variety of sealcoating options to protect your newly finished surface.

Sealocoating makes old pavement look like new and can protect new surfaces from future wear and tear. Adding VA sealcoating is one of the smartest investments you can make; it is far less costly to invest in preventive maintenance now than to have to repair damage later on that could have been avoided or significantly delayed.

Give us a call for all of your sealcoating needs in Richmond, Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Warrenton, Manassas, Loudoun and the surrounding VA areas. We look forward to helping you protect and beautify your pavement.

In Virginia Serving:
Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Loudoun, Culpeper, Stafford, Arlington, Warrenton, Spotsylvania, Orange, Madison, & Rappahannock Counties.

In Maryland Serving:
Arundel, Baltimore, Carrol, Howard, Montgomery & Prince George counties.