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Dear Wayne,
Enclosed is payment for our driveway. I will be sending a glowing report of your work to Home Connections. It is hard to believe that we first met with you Saturday and by Wednesday our driveway was finished. Since I also own a business that kind of efficiency really saved me a lot of headaches.
Thank you!!

“That kind of efficiency really saved me a lot of headaches”

- KMK - Alexandria, VA

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Who we serve… We professionally serve churches, homeowner’s associations, property management companies, schools, churches, apartment complexes, hotels, farms, wineries and restaurants in the northern Virginia area, including Richmond, Arlington, Fairfax, Manassas, Alexandria and the Piedmont region. We also do work for general contractors, developers, government agencies, builders and homeowners. Even though we have earned an outstanding reputation for our excellent service by meeting deadlines and budgets, we are still constantly looking for ways to improve. We strive for 100% satisfaction.

Asphalt paving has many applications because it is durable and cost effective. ASAP PAVING delivers a quality product for all types of asphalt applications, including commercial, residential and parking lot paving, pavement maintenance services, concrete installation and finishing services, and resurfacing services in northern Virginia.

When you need resurfacing services for a Virginia office building, shopping center, municipal project or for any other purpose, the professionals at ASAP PAVING are up to the task! Below you will find a list of some of the services we offer:

Asphalt Milling and Pulverization

Asphalt Milling and Pulverization
Is your parking lot or driveway in need of resurfacing, but has become too thick?
ASAP Paving can economically address that issue by providing high quality commercial asphalt milling or pulverization, depending on the project needs. Both of these methods can reduce maintenance costs in your pavement rehabilitation project and they are cost effective processes for property owners who are faced with excessively thick asphalt parking lots or driveways which cannot simply be resurfaced.

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Asphalt Seal Coating

Asphalt Seal CoatingWould you like to save money on pavement maintenance services? The key to a successful pavement maintenance program is a properly applied asphalt seal coating. This surface treatment protects your pavement from sun damage and moisture and chemical intrusion. ASAP Paving offers professional applications of several asphalt paving seal coatings to meet your project needs and budget.

When you need great asphalt seal coating be sure to keep ASAP Paving in mind.

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Basketball Courts

Basketball Courts
Is your court/s in good enough shape for Michael Jordan? Would your local basketball coach let his team play on your court? Our resurfacing is the ideal solution to restore your court to a safe playing condition economically.

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Are your curbs and gutters in need of repair, or do you need them installed to capture the professional look you desire? ASAP Paving provides top-notch professional commercial paving services that include expert concrete work at affordable prices.

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Curb & Gutter

Curb & GutterAre you looking for that professional, trim look for your business? Do you need to provide proper drainage for your property? Curbs and gutters can accomplish these along with providing the needed transition between uneven surfaces such as sidewalks and roads/parking lots. ASAP Paving uses state-of-the-art-equipment and highly experienced professionals that have distinguished our company as one of the area’s elite paving contractors.

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Golf Cart Paths

Golf Cart PathsIs your golf course being damaged by golf carts? Are players reluctant to use carts because of either the absence of or poor condition of the cart path? As a premier asphalt paving company, ASAP Paving has the right solution at the right price for your golf course.

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Grading and Graveling

Grading and GravelingDo you have a drainage problem caused by poor grading? Have you hesitated in contacting a commercial paving company thinking asphalt is too expensive or not appropriate? ASAP Paving is a full-service commercial paving company that provides expert grading and graveling at affordable prices.

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Jogging/Walking/Biking Trails

Jogging/Walking/Biking TrailsDoes your community provide accessible, safe and secure opportunities for jogging, walking or biking? Are joggers, walkers and bikers risking their safety in your neighborhood? As a premier asphalt paving company, ASAP Paving has the right solution at the right price for your neighborhood.

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Line striping

Line stripingIs your parking lot disorganized because your customers cannot see the parking spaces? Are your handicapped spaces marked in compliance with state law? Is the striping on the roads for which you are responsible sufficiently visible to provide safe driving conditions in nighttime or inclement weather conditions? As a quality provider of commercial paving needs, ASAP Paving can economically resolve those issues for you. We have top-notch line striping professionals experienced with new or existing parking lots and roads who will provide high quality, hassle-free service.

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New Roads

New RoadsASAP Paving uses state-of-the-art-equipment and highly experienced paving professionals to expertly construct new roads to meet the demands of our expanding population. Our commercial paving experience has distinguished our company as one of the elite asphalt paving contractors.

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Parking Lots

Parking LotsDo your customers or constituents have a positive image of your business or service when they use your parking lot? To maintain a professional look for your asphalt surfaces, it is important to develop a maintenance plan that involves regular inspections and preventive maintenance. In addition to parking lot paving, we offer complete parking lot maintenance and repair services.

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RepairAre you operating on a tight budget? Our expert repair and pavement maintenance services are just what you need to maintain your desired professional look while staying within your budget. ASAP Paving offers a wide range of services such as resurfacing, saw cutting and patching, hot and cold patch pothole repair, etc.

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ResurfacingAre your asphalt surfaces providing the professional look you need for your business or the trim appearance you want for your home? ASAP Paving can economically address that issue by providing high quality commercial asphalt patching and other maintenance services.

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Sports Courts

Basketball CourtsAre you getting full enjoyment from your sports court? Are your children safe or is the surface hazardous? ASAP Paving has the perfect economical resurfacing solution that will "double your pleasure."

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Tennis Courts

Tennis CourtsDo your tennis courts provide true bounces? Are the surfaces safe for the players or are they hazardous? ASAP Paving will professionally resurface those courts to provide safe, enjoyable tennis for everyone.

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We can help with all of your paving and resurfacing needs in Richmond, VA, from small repairs and patchwork to building new roads and lots. We’ve been in business for 20 years and have completed countless large-scale commercial projects. Our quality construction ensures that your project is built to last and withstand our harsh Northeast winters and other weather elements.

Whether you’re looking to install new infrastructure or need to repair or upgrade an existing surface, we can help. From resurfacing your existing pavement to providing line striping services, updating your pavement can make a big difference to not only the aesthetic value of the property, but its overall safety.

Call ASAP PAVING for all of your commercial VA resurfacing and paving needs!

In Virginia Serving:
Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Loudoun, Culpeper, Stafford, Arlington, Warrenton, Spotsylvania, Orange, Madison, & Rappahannock Counties.

In Maryland Serving:
Arundel, Baltimore, Carrol, Howard, Montgomery & Prince George counties.